The Side Quests

Forgotten City II

As our party heads into the overgrown city, the thick vines and shrubbery begin to twist and bend together seperating the cleric Judah from the rest o the group. fortunatly though, he manages to toss the healing wand to his companions.

Shortly after entering they are attacked by a large Assassin Vine. Threat is short lived as the wizard turns to one of is rarely used offinsive spells. Extending his hands he reduces the vines to ash with his Scorching Ray.

As the group begins to explore, they hear a very familiar voice coming from across the old stable. SLOOT HAS RETURNED. Mogaine is the first to meet up with her and the coucar that has started to charge her from the tall grass. The cougars(it is soon revealed to a pack of three) brgin to bite and rake at the rouge and paladin causing much damage to the two. Crog makes use of his ranger skills and climbs up a nearby tree to gain the advantage with his bow and arrow. unfortunatly for him though his skills are not needed as the cougars are handled. One having been killed by Mograine and the others pounce misses and goes crashing into the the fence. Causing a lage peice if splintered wood to become inbedded in its shouldered. Crog instead if loosing his arrow on the already dying cat, he instead sets his arow in fire and sends it flying in the opposite drection towards the tallest patch of grass he can see. The arrow dissapears into the grass and a wisp of smoke quickly starts to rise.

Ine the aftermath of the battle the group begins to search the biuldings. The paladin finds a door stuck fast after failing to force the door open he decids to kick at it. While he does make contact with the door it again holds and he is forced back down the stairs and falls prone. After a short battle with a pack of wolves that involved Crog leaping onto another biulding and falling through its roof. They dscover that they have been watched by a squad of elves.

The group decides to take rest, and are told a story of by the leader of the elves of a rouge elf druid has stolen an important item from the elvish clan. They eventually come face to face with the elf and the battle ensues as he calls forth a large Dire Bear to kill the intruders. Unfortunatly he underetamates he group, as he is distracted by the more imposing members he is stuck from behind(and in the behind) by Sloot. He summons forth a cloud of fog in hopes of distracting the party. After both that and his entaglement spell fails to stop him he is forced to retreat. But not before he is hit with a infeeblement spell from Meldair. The druid trys to retreart back into the ruins of the old church but cannot stand up to the might of our adventures and is struck down by the wizards scorching ray and falls to the floor in a heap.


I got Amaril with a Touch of Idiocy, then the Dire Bear with an Enfeeble.

Forgotten City II

Oops my bad

Forgotten City II

Going through the books. Touch of Idiocy is not a ranged touch attack. Did you actually run up and touch the druid or attack from a distance? It dosent matter now but im curious.

Forgotten City II

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