The Side Quests

Forgotten City II (Aftermath)

Due to time restraints, the group had to break down before getting everyting resolved. Recorded here are the events that took place after the dust settled. Even if they themselves dont remember them._

After the downing the Aramil in the church, Mograine is te first to search the body of he downed druid o find that he is not dead but dying. The Elves take their clans vestment back and head back home. The party searches the body and find: 3 Potions and a scroll that Meldair identifys as cure light wounds, a Scroll of Greater Invisability, A small pouch containing Dust of Tracelessness, a black pearl(500) and a copper/silver amulet(120). Along with 1000sp and 100gp. They also find a 1 Quarterstaff, a Ring of Protection1, and a Cloak of Reststance +1.

They leave the Druid to his fate and return to Sydendale.


Is that a +1 Quarterstaff?

Also these are my opinions on who gets what:
The Scroll of Cure light should go to Judah
The Quarterstaff should be sold
The Scroll of Greater Invisibility should go to Meldair (as the only character who could use it)
The Dust of Tracelessness should go to Sloot
The Ring of Protection +1 should go to Tobias, Sloot, or Meldair (in that order because Tobias gets attacked more, Sloot does get into combat sometimes, and Meldair has the worst AC)
The Cloak of Resistance +1 should go to Sloot as the person who SHOULD need to roll saves the most.

Just my two cents and why.

Forgotten City II (Aftermath)

Really? I would have thought Meldair would have wanted the magic ring or the dust. (personally i dont know how the group can use it, it was a random gnerated item) In any case, i figure the group can roleplay the distribution next week. Also Crog might want the ring or the cloak. Tobias will definatly agree with selling the quarterstaff. Which is a +1. Dont forget the 3 Potions of cure light wounds. Adrian has the full list of items aquired during the city adventure. Unless you were writing them down too.

Forgotten City II (Aftermath)

I just figured I’d give the party something to think about. The dust is useable by anyone and Sloot (as a Rogue who sneaks around a lot) would get the most out of it. Meldair would gladly take the ring, but he knows Tobias usually protects him and gets attacked more, so the +1 would get more mileage with Tobias.

I do agree that Crog could get plenty of use out of the Ring, but from what I saw, he seems to favor ranged combat which tends to mean he won’t get attacked as much as Tobias.

As I said, I was thinking only of the group and who would get the most use out of which items.

Forgotten City II (Aftermath)

Don’t forget that Tobias and Mograine can’t protect Meldair much from ranged and area attacks. And it won’t affect your spell-casting.

I the quarterstaff a magic +1 item, or just a Masterwork quarterstaff?
Although Crog would not complain about the ring in the case that he does duel-wield melee weapons as his primary, and the extra AC never hurts

Forgotten City II (Aftermath)

Well Tobias wont deny that he would like the ring, but he also has a desire to see his friends protected. As for seeing combat more often He is going to invest in some healing potions. He also banks on dealing more damage first to his opponent before they hit him.

Forgotten City II (Aftermath)

Also we should decide soon when we’re gonna play again. Adrian can’t play Saturday but can on Friday. I’m good for whenever but would like getting started early some we can play longer.

Forgotten City II (Aftermath)

Right now, it looks like, if I can find someone to pick up or trade for my lunch shift, we’re gonna try to play on sunday

Forgotten City II (Aftermath)

Yeah, my inlaws are coming in on Thursday and staying until mid-day Sunday. If we can start around 6 on Sunday, that would be perfect since I doubt I’ll get rid of them before 5 and Chandra wants me home by about 10:30.

Forgotten City II (Aftermath)

Oh thats fine. Ill let Adrian know. Then he should be able to play Sunday. I still dont think the entire group has been present from start to finish have they? Can yall get ahold of Johnathan and have him send me a freind request on this sight.

Forgotten City II (Aftermath)

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